How I got $1 million, and even more

All people want to be lucky, but very few realize that true luck is the lack of any luck. My story is the best proof. I had bad luck of growing up in a country such as Russia — so hostile to entrepreneurship that only 2.6% of people living there wanted to open a business. It was the worst rate across 70 countries. Moreover, I didn’t live in a large and rich city, such as Moscow or Saint Petersburg. My hometown was Syktyvkar, a gloomy and distant northern settlement, located at the same longitude in Russia as Anchorage, Alaska in the US Read more «How I got $1 million, and even more»

The Show Must Begin

Everybody wants to make a fortune, but very few honestly tell how they did it and probably no one has made an attempt to build a multimillion dollar company before and describe the progress publicly in real time. That’s what I am going to do here: I will try to build a big successful company in the US while posting online about every step I make. You will learn everything: my profits and losses, my strategy and tactics, my failures and successes Read more «The Show Must Begin»